To build a technically self reliant non-profit community for implementation of social development projects

To provide cost effective management solutions to non-profit sector.

Values Partnerships
IMPACT believes that every individual bring their own set of knowledge and experience and collective wisdom can result into multi-fold increase in the impact of social development. IMPACT believes in working with and strengthening existing systems as opposed to creating new structures.

Knowledge Sharing
While it is not possible for individual organization to be masters in each technical area, it is through exchange of knowledge and expertise that a wider knowledge base can be established and further strengthened.

Sustainable Strategies for Development
IMPACT is committed to design and implement strategies that are sustainable and have in-build capacities to continue beyond the limited intervention of IMPACT or like support organizations. IMPACT will build sustainability and scale up within all its programme and strategy designs, ensuring quality and accountability at each level.

  • 1. Assist the non-profit sector in building the required internal systems and structures.
  • 2. Build internal capacity of the organization staff for implementing and timely review/revision of the new systems and structures.
  • 3. Develop a formal/informal networks of organizations with common interest for mutual experience sharing, aimed at replication of good practices.
  • 1. Programme Design and Implementation
  • 2. Monitoring and Evaluation
  • 3. Research
  • 4. Finance